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Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Jan 31, 2020
A little "birdy" told me! Do you think I'm made of money?Close the door! Are you trying to refrigerate the whole neighborhood?They drove us crazy as kids, and they are permanently etched in our minds as adults. Eventually we found ourselves repeating them to our own kids or sharing these "special wisdoms" between our adult siblings at family gatherings! They are at once our deepest annoyance and o...

Effective Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Jan 24, 2020
If you're feeling sad and lethargic during the shortest days of the year, you may have winter blues! Typical symptoms include craving carbohydrates, sleeping more than usual, and having little motivation. If you're feeling the winter blues, here's a good in-depth article to help you out, from Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Surprising Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu

Posted By:  Kerry Voth on Nov 12, 2019
Surveys show that North Americans suffer over a billion colds each year. Yes, you read that right...One BILLION! When you factor in the flu, the number is even higher. Viruses can be especially challenging for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses, and though the flu shot is very helpful it cannot completely protect you! Even months after recovering from the flu, older people remain at incr...

Parksville, New York?

Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Aug 23, 2019
We've all heard the story about Parksville: European settlers turned up and "discovered" the area, built a railway line which caused a boom in population, eventually a bunch of resorts were built and it became a preferred summer destination for city dwellers in search of a peaceful country escape.But there's a sounds like Parksville alright, but this is not OUR Parksville, this is the h...

The Giant Turtle Rocks of Vancouver Island

Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Aug 15, 2019
Myths and legends represent the world around us...our ideas and stories. While many myths have been shown to have a basis in fact, others remain as vague stories passed down from generation to generation. And we have a ton of these stories on Vancouver Island!For many years there have been stories told of legendary "Turtle Rocks" on the island, somewhere around Campbell River. Most of th...
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