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Vancouver Island Events

Aug 7, 2020
Indoor Slow Pitch Fun League
Aug 7, 2020

A few young players [under age 69] have been asked to play on Friday to make sure we have 14 on each team. The following youth players have been drafted and a couple of old guys from the Wednesday League:
Harry [the kid] Lowe - To Hawks
Merv Brandel - to Hawks
Rob [the terrible teen] Jonas - to Demons
John [boy] Lund - to Orcas
Buzzy - to Demons
Norm [boy wonder] Joyce - to Orcas

Why 14 Players per team?
We have quite a number of players taking vacations from 2 to 4 weeks on each team so we are allocating 14 per team so spares will be limited. We also have enquiries from individuals in other Island communities and will accommodate them where possible BUT at this point Fridays are full and Wednesdays only have 5 slots left and this is before the prairie folks arrive [ Dave Gill from Alberta just signed on this morning to fill the last Friday spot].
Turn In Jerseys
We have 3 new teams on Wednesdays so players should wash and turn in their old jerseys for new ones at the first game as follows:
Coho [previously the Blues]
Heat [previously the Athletics]
Wolves [previously the Legends]
The jerseys range from LG to XL to XXL to allow players to wear more clothing underneath. Captains will issue the new jerseys at Arbutus Meadows. Also, new jerseys will be issued to 2 more Friday teams in February.

Sign up at Oceanside
We start again on January 10th and January 12th so the initial sign up for winter ball is at Oceanside arena on Wednesday January 3rd and Friday January 5th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
The cost is $50 for Wednesday and $50 for Friday plus + the one time $10.00 PGOSA annual fee [if you haven’t paid that already.]
Players cannot play unless covered by PGOSA and NO Drop in fees. It is too difficult to manage the paperwork for players paying $5.00 a week so $50 regardless of the number of games you play.
Both the Wednesday and Friday schedules are attached. Captains have checked these schedules to make sure I made it fair and reasonable.
Batting Machine
The batting machine can be set up on Wednesday & Fridays by the set up crew if they have time and if there are enough early arrivals until 8:45am. This is for batting practice and pre game warm ups. No extra cost to anyone.
Coffee Machine
Arbutus Meadows installed the coffee machine for Wednesday and Friday but it is not being used as much as they thought. If we do not use it we will not have it - your choice. They charge $2.00 coffee and $1.00 cookies
Patio Heaters
Two Patio heaters will again be available. One is my personal one and one is the league’s. PGOSA will be giving us a $300 grant and I am applying to the RDN for funds again and we also are receiving a donation to cover additional operating costs.
Bat Holder
The heated bat holder was made for League Bats Plus some available spaces for personal bats. What is happening is League bats are being removed for personal bats and personal bats are being removed for another player’s personal bats and bats are being laid on top of the unit restricting access.
League bats stay in the box. We have painted the league bats holes BLUE so we can more easily tell and we put bat holders on the side of the box for extras in addition to the extra 5 holes on top. Players with personal bats should get used to the idea of other people using their bats because that is happening.
On Deck Circle
Please use it so captains know their players are ready to go. We continue to be searching for some players [notably me] who are not in the circle and slowing up the order. Other players please stay out of the circle to avoid accidents.
Captains are staying in place. Their email addresses are on the rosters so advise them in advance if you can’t make a game. I am away from February 7th to March 7th so Rick and Arnie will need help setting up and taking down. Not a big job but you have to come early and/or leave last. Thanks to the other guys who have come to help Rick, Arnie and me - many hands make light work. Set up guys should remove the propane tanks each day and get them filled at Petro Can in Parksville. They need to be filled about every 3 days. Keep the receipts and I will reimburse you when I return.
Vacations & Absences
Please let your captains know vacation and away times ahead of games as vacations are heavy this winter.
Inclement Weather
We missed one game last year because of snow and cold. Myself or Rick will advise captains on the morning of the game [about 7:30 am] if the building will NOT be opened up. It doesn’t look like we will have the extreme cold we had last year but if some comes we are more prepared for it.
Tournaments November 22 & 24
We don’t yet know which teams will play in each game as we will go with a slightly different format [see schedule] . This will be the fourth time we played “total runs” and every time the team [s] that were expected to win did not win so as in the summer league – you just never know.
Umpires Schedule
Anyone wanting to 'ump' on Wednesdays or Fridays just let me know. Fridays is almost full at this point.
Please send all comments to and all complaints to Arnie Teeple who has no email.
Randy whit
Date:Aug 7, 2020
Time:9 AM -Noon
Location:Arbutus Meadows
Cost:See website
Website:Open Site
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