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The Art of Hanging Art!

Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Feb 19, 2019
Oceanside's very own "Artist Extraordinaire" Patt Scrivener shares some important tips and tricks on how to best display art in your homes.-I think the two most important things are scale and height. Scale is the relationship ofthe art to the environment. Often I see paintings that are two small over a piece of furniture. Ifyou can’t afford one large piece consider making a grouping of several sma...

Decorating Trends Predicted to be Huge in 2019

Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Jan 11, 2019
This great article from Better Homes & Gardens is a must-read before making plans for your home updates this year! See what the experts say is in store for furniture, color, pattern, and accessories in 2019.Decorating Trends Predicted to be Huge in 2019

Decorate With Leaves This Fall

Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Nov 16, 2018
Autumn surrounds us as the beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow color the landscape. To some people this means it's time to get out the leaf-blower, to others it's a yearly crafting opportunity like no other! From garland to centerpieces, autumn leaves give the perfect touch of the season to any place, as this post from perfectly illustrates!Decorate Wit...

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Nov 12, 2018
In many homes, it's the laundry room that ends up being the smallest of all functional rooms.Here's an article from betterhomesand that offers some great suggestions on organizing the space better and more efficiently to optimize every inch of available space.Small Laundry Room Ideas

Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Posted By:  Susan Forrest on Oct 11, 2018
You may think that reducing your home's negative impact on the planet will require a huge amount of work, but solar panels and temperature-regulating walls aren't the only ways to help...there are a ton of easy -- and fun -- ways to conserve energy. Read all about it in this post from Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly
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